Presidents Message


 Presidents Message March 2020 Our 51st Year!

 I can’t believe how fast that time has a way of getting away. It seems like yesterday that we had more time to do our every day

normal chores. We didn’t have all the modern and convenient things to aid us to go about our days more easily. For instance,

I liked it a lot better when I was smarter than my phone. Much of our day is absorbed with the hustle and bustle of the

world in a panic attack of everything from politics to the virus. Things like Apps, Modems, Hard drives have integrated

into our every day living. I had a little “Me Time” just sitting in my garage doing nothing. I stared at my old

V8 and thoughts of the good times we had together. I cherish the miles and friends that we gleaned along the way. I’m looking

forward and just know there are many more good times and many more friends to meet. I’m looking forward for a very

active and busy summer. We kicked it off with a nice turn out at our first meeting. We also had a great

monthly lunch at the Honeymoon Diner in Manchester, thanks to our Galloping Gourmet Neal. A great time and Good friends and

food. Congratulations to Annette and Craig for their Newsletter Award. I’m aware that this is a thankless job, but more aware it

is the backbone of our great club. Our own V8 Tour Natzi Jack has planned some exciting events to partake. Only

you can help make them a success. All events will be detailed in the Newsletter I want to personally thank everyone for expressing their opinions and willingness

to getting involved in things to come. We are family.

Please stay healthy and remember our shut ins in your prayers