Presidents Message


 Presidents Message June 2018


It sure has been a wet Spring this year which has been very

kind to dandelions. Mowing the fast growing grass takes up my

time that I could be putzing around in the garage.

Looking ahead, I believe that we have some fun things

to do. We do have some of our own activities. Also there are

some things to do with other clubs. It's always fun enjoying

sharing venues with them.

I'm going to rant and vent my feelings. At our last meeting,

Craig, gave his opinion on our membership status. We have been very fortunate

to gain in numbers as other clubs seem to decline in size. I understand we all

have our priorities but it seems monthly meeting attendance is a bit thin. Why? I

don't know. Yes, we have a great Newsletter to keep us informed, but being at

meetings is helping us to be a stronger and a well maintained family. Rich Jandrey

has graciously provided a guest speaker for every meeting. Why not take the time

to enjoy a presentation while having coffee and cookies.

Also accepting a chance to give a little back is going to help us grow. Dan

Francis accepted to chair a committee to get our Annual Swap Meet under way.

We need a little bit of "your" time to make this happen. I know you don't like my

ranting and raving. You can quiet me down by helping Dan out. Count me in Dan.

There is no meeting in June, I wish you all a safe and fun time with all the


fun things. I'll catch up with you guys along the way.


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