Presidents Message


 Presidents Message October 2018


What a crazy mix of weather we've had this year. But I

still do enjoy my four seasons. Lots of nice days left to get

some fresh air blowing in with the windows rolled down. Maybe

a stop for ice cream.

I never in a million years would I ever think about talking

Buicks at a Early Ford V8 meeting. I actually saw this with

my own eyes. Mr. Douglas Seybold and his ever smiling wife

gave our group a wonderful presentation on his extensive

knowledge and experiences on owning and restoring Buicks.

Wanting to say something about an unsung celebrity we have in our own

Regional Group. We gotta be proud of this guy. Congratulations to Craig Gorris

for being installed into the West Technical High School Hall of Fame for his contributions

to the NASA Space programs. Well deserved, my friend.

It was good to see Dave and Nancy Collette drive in from Pittsburgh to

attend our meeting.. Dave also shared some thoughts about the National Club

elections. Please vote because your vote really doe count.

Speaking of elections, our local group elections nominations chairman Ken

Bruening will be asking you for nominations or if you're willing to throw your hat

in the ring. Consider taking a position as it is very rewarding. I personally have

received more than I could give. We cannot have a successful group without


Please read Christmas Party agenda and respond early to make it easier on

the girls!

Also remember to support our generous sponsors on the back page.

  ENjoy ur V8 B4 it's 2late