Presidents Message


 Presidents Message November 2023 Our 54th Year!


I am sorry to say I think the summer if it isn’t gone already the nasty

weather is soon to come. As much as I don’t want to do it, I think it is

time to put the cars away for a long winter nap, pack them up tight,

pat them on the nose and say good night. Our next meeting is Nov.17.

Please try to make this meeting as it is a very important one.

1st on the agenda is nomination for 2024 board members. If anyone

has the desire to toss their hat in the ring do not hesitate. By joining

the board of directors, it does not take much of your time. It is a good

way to voice and act on your ideas. Also, you get a first-hand view of

the inner workings of our club. As I have said many times before.

This is all of our organization and only as good as the participation

of us the members. Along with the nominations we will also vote on a slate

of new officers for the year 2024.

2nd we will be passing around a signup sheet for volunteers to take over the

coffee and treats for a monthly meeting. Coffee and sweets is a nice way to break

up a meeting, but we need a member a month to take over this task. I hope that

this year the volunteers will step forward sooner than last year so we can continue

this monthly tradition.

3rd Our Dec. meeting is Dec. 15, 2023. What is the members thought on

holding a meeting .10 days before Christmas?

Lastly, we will be holding our annual INSALATION BANQUET ON

SUN. January 21, 2024. Information is in this newsletter. The cost will be in the

$30.00 range and final details will be sent out the first week of Dec. DUE TO


and money must be in by JAN.14, 2024. (NO EXCEPTIONS.) If anyone

has any questions please give me a call or bring them up during the Nov. meeting.

With this said Sharon and I would like to wish you yours and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your family and friends! Remember don’t eat too much turkey and

drive, as turkey tends to put one to sleep. ENJOY,