Presidents Message


Happy New Year from Georgene and me and we wish all of

you a healthy, prosperous and safe 2018.

As you all know our first meeting will be in February and we

are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. However, in

the mean time we have some work that needs to be done. Not a 

lot of actual work but a labor of love. Bringing to mind our

first and hopefully not the last Annual Swap Meet will be held

at Auto Nation Ford on Sunday January 21st.

Help will be needed on Saturday also to get things lined up. In this Newsletter is

a list of jobs and times that we are asking you to “sign up” and help your club

make this swap meet a success.

The proceeds from this event will be used for the betterment of our Great Regional

Group. “Everyone" should be willing to donate a little of your time to make this a

success. If any member wishes to become a vendor, please contact Bruce Lewicki.

The board will be getting together soon and set a probable schedule of activities.

We could use some suggestions on things that might interest all of us as a

group. Hope to see everyone soon.


N joy ur V8 B4 it's 2 L8




With deep regrets our Regional Group has lost four members of good standing.

Jewell and Rose Thomas, Don Buehler and John Alvey. All have left us 

with some great memories. They will surely be missed. Also kindly keep

your thoughts and prayers for our members that are shut in.