Presidents Message


 Presidents Message December January 2020 Our 51st Year!

 The older I get the faster time seems to get past me with a blink of an eye. It seems like we didn't have much of a

winter season this year. That's, okay with me. I would like to thank everyone that attended our annual installation

dinner. In the years past it was usually an overnight event. I never really enjoy getting all dressed up just to have  

dinner. It made me happy to see everyone and all the commotion and swapping stories since our last meeting.

The new Officers and Board members recently had our first meeting and have a lot of activities and things to do this year.

The final ingredient to make things happen is for you as a club member to participate and enjoy the

benefits of good times with your old V8. Neal has come up with a bunch of neat places for our monthly lunches.

Our own V8 Tour Natzi Jack will be guiding us along a very nice tour around the Kalamazoo area with some very exciting stops.

Rich Jandrey has acquired some pretty interesting guest speakers. Lots of other things to do were up for discussion.

We can't survive on dues alone. We discussed fund raising ideas. The big one is trying to organize a swap meet.

Thanks to Pat Rooney we have the opportunity to maybe pull this off. The one thing for sure is that it will take "Everyone"

to make this happen. We will discuss this in length at our next few meetings. If you as a member have a suggestion for a fund raiser please share that with us.

Please patronize our sponsors on the back of this newsletter. Also, our thoughts and prayers for our shut ins.