Presidents Message


 Presidents Message March 2019


I'm happy to say we got our first meeting in for our 50th year

of being a Regional Group. I myself am pretty proud to belong

to such a wonderful group of car friends that I consider my second

family. Congratulations to Kenny Canankamp, attending

the first meeting of the year since 1968. Kenny and his wife

Ruthie have been very active and contributed much to keep this

group together. Thank you Guys.

Thanks to Beth and Regis for coffee and cookies. Being a

special year, there will be special things on our agenda. At the

meeting we discussed a few things to do in the coming months.

Neal started us off with a great lunch at The Brickhouse Tavern. We had a good

turnout and looking forward to the next adventure. I believe that our "V8 Tour

Notzi "Jack will be pretty busy working diligently on some up and coming events.

Frank Posar did us proud with a great article in the V8 Times regarding our Annual

Christmas and Installation Dinner. Great contribution Frank!

Also, Rich Jandrey has been very resourceful in obtaining guest speakers for our

Monthly Meetings. I can understand that the potential list is getting thinner. If of

you know someone or would like to recommend a particular subject, feel free to let

Rich know.

Our yearly audit came out to the penny. Thank you Lois Stallard for volunteering

to do our audits every year. Thinking about our Net Worth we do need to look

into a fund raiser. Since we no longer have Auto Nation as a place for continuing

to have an annual swap meet. Again we will entertain any options and ideas for a

fund raiser.

We had a little setback on our 2019 Roster. The staple machine evidently decided

to quit. You will receive one shortly. Another fine job by Craig. He puts many

hours in to create our Roster. Thank you Craig.

Remember our shut-ins and those who have recently passed in our hearts and


  ENjoy ur V8 B4 it's 2late