Presidents Message


 Presidents Message June 2021 Our 52nd Year!

Believe it or not there's light at the end of the tunnel.

The Board had our first meeting in a long time. Right now our

meeting room is still not available. So for now our only means

of staying together are the upcoming tours and outside gatherings.

Please pay very close attention to your e-mails and Newsletter

for information about our activities. Jack has been working

diligently making things happen. Craig and Annette will

definitely keep you well informed.

There will also be some hard work and some changes involved to keep our

RG together. A lot of things which will be discussed at our first meeting on July

16th at 7:00. This meeting will also include dinner. Instructions will be posted in

your next newsletter.

I'm very anxious to get the wheels turning again. I believe we are starting

out with some fantastic activities. It’s up to you to take advantage of getting back

to normal. Like Neil providing a new place every month for a lunch get together.

Get that old V8 out and run the he'll out of it. That's what Hank built it for

I hope to see you all real soon