Presidents Message


 Presidents Message May 2018


What a sight for sore eyes, seeing two of our shut in

members at our last meeting. Welcome back Ginnie it was a

surprise and a thrill to see your smiling face again. I think Neal

was the happiest person there, knowing he didn't have to take

minutes again. Also it was a good feeling to see Dick and Rosie

up and about and Georgene didn't need to do the 50/50.

It was inspiring to listen to Dick when he got up and

told everyone how much our Group means to him. He has experienced the best

part of being an active member. Getting back ten fold more is great feeling knowing

that it is a reward for giving a little bit of your time and efforts to keep this

thing rolling.

Congratulations to Annette and Craig for a well done job receiving an Honorable

Mention for the Newsletter Competition. I personally think they should

have finished in the top 3. Also I believe our Website is the best, thanks to Regis.

It's getting down to crunch time for our overnight tour. Please be prompt

in making your reservations . If there are any questions, please contact our Tour

Natzi Jack.

We will be donating a basket for the Grand National Meet in Dearborn

again. Again thanks to Sharon and Jack for stepping up and making it happen.

Due to lack of communication, The National Roster has our Regional

Group Information kinda wrong. That's okay, we can still be the best Regional

Group no matter what. Keep our shut ins in our prayers.



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