Presidents Message


 Presidents Message October 2020 Our 51st Year!

I seriously hope this letter finds you all in good health. There really ain't much to expound on for obvious reasons. I haven't

been doing much and tired of looking for things to do. Although I did experience a little excitement last week. I found

myself looking for my glasses without my glasses. I recently had a email board meeting pertaining to elections for

the new year. The over all consensus was to keep it status quo until we get back to normal.

If you have any ideas of any thing to do as a group to try to keep our continuity,

would be greatly appreciated. I myself am a little skeptical about a gathering. I thought about doing a day trip to an ice cream treat some where.

Or even a BYOB sit in and share some laughs. Contributions of a story or an unusual experience with your V8 would bring a

smile while enjoying our newsletter.

What was Henry Fords nickname?

"Crazy Henry"


God Bless you all and stay safe. Please keep your prayers in mind for our shut-ins