Presidents Message


 Presidents Message September 2021 Our 52nd Year!

 First and foremost our heart felt condolences to the Reid Firestone family on the loss of his wife Terri and Dianne Moore on the loss of her husband Denny. Reid is one of our newest members and although, because of COVID, we were unable to get to know Reid and Terri, we share in his loss. We also express the loss of a great member and friend Dennis Moore. Dennis was a significant contributor to our Club. His artistic talents will be greatly missed. I started to feel things were getting back to usual, but now I'm try to figure out what is normal. The only difference between me and a normal person is that I'm not normal We're going to start getting back to our usual routine and will have our September meeting back in at the Stow Community Center. GREAT NEWS! There is a lot to get to as things are starting to come together. We have done some things already and planning on doing more. Our V8 Tour Nazi Jack has been fighting an illness. Get well soon Jack. Craig and Annette have been doing a diligent job keeping us all informed, thanks Guys. Please make sure that your dues are up to date as Craig needs to prepare for our 2021-22 NORG roster. Who ever has the coffee basket please replenish it and give the receipts to Diane Francis. Thank you.

Its going to take a little effort to get back on track however, we're in this together to keep us the best RG ever. Stay healthy and God bless and