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 Presidents Message April 2020 Our 51st Year!



As the whole world comes to a screeching halt, we as a group  will also be in hiatus. Keeping myself busy and caring for others

that need special needs will help pass the time of day. I kind of think in a way that The Big Guy is telling us to slow down and take time to smell the roses.

I'm going to spend a little extra time on my old V8. A good time to really go over the brakes, pack the wheel and axle bearings.

Checking and feeling the hardness of radiator and heater hoses. Belt condition and tightness. All this preventive maintainability goes a long

way. My cross country trips with no major breakdowns are a proof of that.  I'm assuming our meetings will be postponed until further notice.

I believe that the Eastern National Meet still has a good chance of surviving. Craig and Annette do a great job keeping us on top of things. Thank you guys!!!

The new rosters are complete a will be distributed somehow. I have nothing more to harp about except try to send some stuff to Annette and Craig for our prize

winning Newsletter.

I don't recognize the photo of the General and his wife. Do you?

Please, use common sense and keep washing your hands and remember our shut-ins in your prayers

I can’t believe how fast that time has a way of getting away.